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A full Traditional Thai yoga massage (Northern style) takes two hours and is conducted on the floor, fully clothed and no oils are used. The two hour duration is highly recommended, as this allows time for a full, energy balancing treatment and this is reflected in my pricing. However, I do also offer hour-long treatments and a Thai massage with oils variation, which still covers all the points, lines and stretches of a traditional session but ends with a very deep, Thai-style back and neck oil massage.




Traditional Thai yoga massage (full) 2 hours £70
Traditional Thai yoga massage 1 hour £50
Thai yoga massage with oils (full) 2 hours £70
Thai yoga massage with oils 1 hour £50

A full consultation will be conducted before each session and your treatment will be tailored to your individual needs. All contraindications will be checked for as well as any particular aches, pains or ailments you may be experiencing. Please note: If you are pregnant I can not massage you, as I am not trained in pregnancy massage.

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