Thai massage with oils

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Northern style

My teacher always makes it clear that she teaches traditional Thai yoga massage, Northern style. Northern Thai massage is the form centred and taught around Chiang Mai and differs from the Southern style in being stricter on duration (two hours) and technique (fully clothed and no oils used). I was rather surprised, then, when I went to see her for a massage recently and she asked me if I’d like oils to be used. “But you always taught me Thai doesn’t use oils!” I said. (Massaging a student must be quite irritating at times). She explained that the full massage is conducted in the same way, fully clothed and all lines and points are worked, but, by moving the back section after the sitting position, it’s possible to do the back lines through a towel and then a back, neck and shoulder massage with oils.

Sheer bliss

All that being explained to me, I still wasn’t prepared for just how incredible it was going to be. I’ve had oil massages before (the first one in Egypt was really what set me on my path to Thai massage), but this was something else. It still had that Thai feel – lots of pressure, very deep, elbows are used(!) etc but with that pure relaxation that comes from a Swedish or oils massage. Combined with the rest of the full, energy balancing massage, it was quite an experience and I still benefited for many days after, as is the way with Thai massage.

My turn

So, wise old Kira that she is (she’s not actually old), then invited me to attend her Thai massage with oils course. Learning it was almost as lovely as receiving it – the Practitioner course was quite full-on and gruelling at times, so it was great to learn new techniques which build on an existing skill set, with the confidence and experience that brings. I think the way we were taught to blend the oil techniques in with the flow of the traditional massage was excellent – through a cunning use of towels and by rearranging the structure slightly, it maintains respect and discretion. It is a lovely way to end the massage, for both giver and receiver and that is in the very spirit of Thai massage – the physical application of loving kindness.

See for yourself

I now offer Thai massage with oils as one of my services, so why not head over to the booking page and try it out for yourself?

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